What's Reboo

Reboo is a super easy-to-use desktop application for Mac and Windows that allows you to make changes to any website without having to write a single line of code. Reboo is the perfect solution for non-techies who want to make their websites look better on any device. It also comes with many ready-to-use apps that can be added to your website with just a few clicks.

Stop Fighting With Code!

Now you can edit your website and add new functionalities with the click of a mouse.
No developer or experience required!

Content Editor

Edit your contents directly on your website with an inline editor

Actions on click

Have your elements open images, video popups and more

Entry Animations

MakMake your elements appear on screen with stunning animations

Hover Fx

Add mouse over effects to your elements with one mouse click

CSS Filters

Apply filters like sepia, grayscale, blur and more to any element

Social Sharing

Easily add cool social network sharing buttons to your website

Scroll To Top

Improve the UX with a convenient scroll to the top button

Cookie Law Bar

Comply with cookie law rules by adding a user consent bar

Typewriter Fx

Add a typewriter effect to any text on your site

Image Banner

Create image banners to promote your products and services


Easily add tooltips to any element on your website

Snow Effect

Add an eye-catching snow effect during the holidays

And many more apps are coming every month..

Reboo Makes It Easy!

The Reboo user interface is intuitive and easy to use. Now you can select any element of your website and change its style.

Perform almost any kind of changes to your CSS, including changing the background, adjusting margin and padding, adding or changing borders and much more.

You can also make more advanced changes to your layout having the option to set CSS properties like z-index, position, display, box sizing, etc.

And every change can be done without knowing any code whatsoever!

Tons of ready-to-use images

Reboo comes with Thousand of Images that you can freely use on your website.
Easily filter images by category, keyword and even color to find what you need.
Or upload your own images as well.


Compatible with your favourite Builders

Reboo is compatible with almost all website builders. Simply paste a very small bit of html code inside the head of your website and you’re ready to go. From that moment on Reboo and your website are connected. Any change you make in Reboo is made on your website.

Two Options for Hosting Your Files

Reboo CDN

With this options you don't need to host anything! All files generated by Reboo are safely stored on our Cloud Servers and delivered via a Super Fast CDN. When you're ready to publish your changes you just have to click on the Publish button and they are immediately published online.

Your Own Server

Reboo allows you to download a zip archive containing all the generated files (css, js and images). You can upload them into your server and host them directly.

Sub Accounts

Share your Projects with Team Members and Customers

You can create an unlimited number of sub accounts specifying which projects they can view, edit and publish.
So let's say you want to share a preview of your changes with a customer, you can create an account and grant it the view permission. When he logs-in he can just see the selected project without the option to make changes. But let's say you need to ask a team member to make changes to a project but you want to check what he did before publishing, you can just enabled the view and edit permissions. He can then make changes to your project and save it but he cannot publish it.

Pick Your Version and Let’s Get Started!

Choose the version that best suites your business. It's a One Time Price, no recurring payments!



  • 10 Projects (*)
  • All Apps


  • Unlimited Projects (*)
  • All Apps
  • Sub Accounts
Prices in USD. VAT may be applied based on your country regulations.
(*) With one project you can edit all pages in a website.
(**) If for any reason you would like a refund, simply contact us via our support desk http://develvet.freshdesk.com and we will send you a full 100% refund within 30 days of your purchase.